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How Much Weight Can A Stairway Hold?

It all depends upon the materials used in the construction of the stairway. Obviously steel would be a lot stronger than wood and rocks sitting directly on top of well compacted soil, might be able to carry more weight than any freestanding steel stairway.

The weight capacity of any stairway will be based entirely upon the design and materials used to build it. A stairway built entirely out of three-quarter inch plywood, with a poor design, could have a problem supporting 200 pounds.

However, a solid steel stairway, like something you would find in an industrial factory, could carry thousands of pounds.

The best advice I could give anyone who was thinking about carrying heavy objects up or down a stairway, would be to examine the stairway carefully, before using it. I've seen some older basement stairways, I wouldn't walk down, with an empty paper bag.

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