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Beech Stair Treads

Beech is another white hardwood that will often have a reddish coloring, throughout certain sections. Beech usually has a consistent grain pattern, but can flare out in certain areas. Beech is an excellent choice for stair treads, risers and skirt boards.

Be careful selecting your Beech stair treads, because you could end up with reddish spoting that could be a problem, when staining. If possible, try to hand select the stair treads yourself.

Gluing = Great, Beech is an excellent wood to work with, as long as you use a high quality adhesive, you shouldn't have any problems.

Sanding = Great, Beech is a hardwood and relatively easy to sand.

Staining = Excellent, Beech can be stained in a wide variety of different colors and can produce an awesome looking stairway, especially if the stair tread coloring is consistent.

Nailing = Difficult, almost every hardwood is going to be difficult to hand nail or screw. However, pneumatic nail guns, work great, but can sometimes follow the grains in the wood.

For example, if the grain of the wood curves to the left, the nails could also. This could lead to problems with the rest of your stairway, especially if you have nails sticking out at the side.

Wear And Tear = Excellent, I can't think of one hardwood that doesn't work great, for stair treads.

Janka Hardness Scale = 1300

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