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Cherry Stair Treads

Cherry is often referred to as Black Cherry and has a rich deep reddish, to a light reddish brown color. It's one of the preferred hardwoods to work with, for American woodworkers. It also makes a fantastic stair tread and is relatively easy to work with.

Cherry wood is used to make furniture and cabinets. It can also be used for almost every single stair part imaginable. If you're a new stair builder and you're looking for a durable wood that's easier to work with than most of the other hardwoods, you found it.

Gluing = Excellent, Cherry is a great wood to glue together, as long as you use a high quality adhesive, you shouldn't have any problems.

Sanding = Excellent, even though Cherry is a hardwood, it's easier to sand than some of the other, harder woods.

Staining = Excellent, even though you can stain it, I wouldn't bother. It's one of the nicest looking woods I've ever seen.

Nailing = Excellent, since Cherry is one of the softer hardwoods, it's going to be easier to nail or screw. It really is one of the best woods to work with, for almost any woodworking project, I could possibly think of.

Wear And Tear = Excellent, even though it's one of the softer hardwoods, it's still durable enough to provide you with nice solid stair treads.

Janka Hardness Scale = 950 Black Cherry is one of the softer hardwoods and is a preferred wood for stair builders.

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