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Hickory Stair Treads

Hickory has a light reddish color, with light to dark brown spots or streaks running through the lumber. If you're looking for a stair tread to stain or finish naturally, without any color variations, you will need to look somewhere else. Hickory is also considered one of the harder, hardwoods.

However there are stair tread manufacturers who will cut the Hickory into smaller strips and only glue the premium pieces together, to create a spectacular stair tread that can be stained or finish naturally. Hickory is also used for barbecues, smoking meats and makes an excellent firewood.

Gluing = Excellent, Hickory is a great wood to glue together, as long as you use a high quality adhesive, you shouldn't have any problems.

Sanding = Good Luck, this is one of the harder woods and it's going to be difficult to sand or cut. Some of the harder woods, will be extremely difficult to work with, unless you have the right power tools.

Staining = Excellent, this is a fantastic wood to stain and really creates a fantastic stair tread.

Nailing = Good Luck, like I said earlier, this is one of the harder woods and you will need to pre-drill each one of your nail or screw holes. Some of these hardwoods actually feel like they're made out of metal, simply because they're so tough.

Wear And Tear = Excellent, since Hickory is one of the harder woods available on the market today, you can plan on relatively little wear and tear. Whenever you run into a hardwood that's difficult to nail or sand, you've practically found the ideal stair tread, even though you might think twice before using it for anything else.

Janka Hardness Scale = 1820

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