Simplified Stair Building With Landings

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Product Description 


If you are planning on building a set of stairs with practically any type of landing, this book will be extremely helpful.  This book covers horizontal and vertical landing locations along with your free bonus book - Simple Stair Stringer Layout. 


There are plenty of illustrations along with step-by-step instructions and I truly believe this is one of the best books ever written dedicated specifically to building stairs with landings. 


About the Author 


Greg Vanden Berge has installed over a thousand stairways and started his career in construction building stairs for his father who learn the craft from his father.  He currently has over 30 years of construction experience and has written over 40 books. 

He's a best-selling international author and lives with his wife in Southern California.


This book will not provide you with detailed handrail design or construction. 


Attention: This Is A Downloadable PDF Format E-book.




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