Professional Stairway Building Secrets

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This book was designed for stair builders and construction professionals who are familiar with basic stair building techniques, but are looking for a few more secrets of the trade.

This book will cover sloping treads for exterior stairways that require some type of drainage, how to use undercuts instead of overhangs, floor and tread variations, drywall skirt board spacers, plywood ledgers and how to position your stairway and adjust for stair tread overhangs.

It will also provide you with a few techniques and ideas on how to fix some of the mistakes stair builders have been making for years. Some of these techniques can save builders a lot of money, while others will simply reduce the amount of time they spend thinking about how to build something and the frustration associated with their mistakes.

I've wanted to write this book for quite some time now and share my knowledge with others about stair building. Some of these tips were passed down to me from my grandfather who was a master carpenter and my father whom I would consider the greatest carpenter I ever met, no offense Jesus…

I just wish I had a book like this 30 years ago.


This book won't provide you with step-by-step stair building instructions or how to figure out the rise and run. This book was written for construction workers, stair builders and everyone else interested in taking the next step to learn more about stair building and stair stringer layout.

If you need stair building instructions then click on the link below and get the book,” Simplified Stair Building.”

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