Basic Home Fire Safety Rules

By Greg Vanden Berge

There are plenty of people all over the United States and around the world who understand basic fire safety and some of these people even have a fire extinguisher located somewhere within their home.

Here's where the problem starts, does every one in the house, know where the fire extinguisher is located.

Is it in a highly visible area or is it underneath five or six items in the garage somewhere. Is it underneath the kitchen sink and do your children know where it's located, in case they needed to bring it to you or use it themselves.

The location of the fire extinguisher is usually the biggest problem. If nobody knows where it's at, what's the point of having it in your home?

The second biggest problem and I mean, this is a big problem. Does every one in your home, know how to use the fire extinguisher properly? If your children are old enough, and I'm going to leave that age to you, as a responsible parent, they should know how to use the fire extinguisher.

Here's what I would do, if I was you. I would buy two fire extinguishers, put one in a visible location or at least in a location where everyone is familiar with, an area of the house that is used on a regular basis. I can't stress how important it is to know where the fire extinguisher is actually located.

Then I would use the second fire extinguisher to show my entire family how to use and operate it. There's no need to start a fire in the backyard or go to fire training school. Simply place an object in your backyard and pretend like it's on fire, while showing your family members how to operate the fire extinguisher safely.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to let your family members operate a fire extinguisher to give them some hands-on experience, in case there actually is ever a fire.

The biggest problems with fire extinguishers is the location and operation. If you're going to have a fire extinguisher in your home, leaving you should know how to use it properly.

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