Stair Building Codes

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Stair building codes apply to any stairway that has more than two risers. However, like most building codes, they can be confusing. Even if you're building only one step, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure it meets your local building codes.

You would be surprised at how many different ways, some of these rules can be interpreted for what you can and can't do.

What Are Building Codes?

Attention: Don't forget to check with your local building department to verify any building codes on this website. This information could be incorrect or outdated.

When dealing with your local building department a wise step would be to get all your product and installation methods pre approved, before you build.

It costs less if you only have to do it once!

The building inspector will make you tear your work apart and redo it to meet the building codes in the area, if it's not done properly.

I cannot stress this enough... check with the local building authorities in your city or county before building any stairs and if you're not going to contact the building department, then try to follow the building codes on this page to maximize safety.

Most of these rules (building codes) can be found in the "2012 International Building Code Book."

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