Painted Stairway Warning Stripe

This should give you an idea what I'm talking about, even though the size of the stripe might depend on each individual building code. These warning stripes usually get people's attention, therefore doing their job.

For stairways that run into public sidewalks that are less than a 1:12 slope, a 1 inch minimum and 2 inch maximum slip resistant stripe should be visible from either direction of the stairway.

In other words you should be able to clearly see this stripe, whether walking up or down the stairs.

Make sure that you use slip resistant materials. I was walking out of my apartment one day and slipped on a newly painted red curb, while carrying a large box. I wasn't injured, but told the maintenance manager about the problem, even though he never did anything about it

Your local paint supplier should be able to provide you with the right paint, otherwise contact your local Building and Safety Department for more information.