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The chart below is based off of my personal experience and average construction prices. Prices may vary, depending upon materials, stair design and additional costs.

Experience Level Required

Do It Yourselfer - Someone with a Little Experience with Construction
Experienced Carpenter - Someone Who Works As a Framing Carpenter on a Regular Basis
Master Carpenter - Someone with Extraordinary Carpentry and House Framing Skills

Cost To Install

Inexpensive - 100 - 1,500 Dollars
Moderate - 1,500 - 5,000 Dollars
Expensive - 5,000 and up Dollars

Safety Use Level

Poor - This Usually Relates to a Poor Design with Uncomfortable Steps and Hand Rails That Aren't Easily Accessible.
Moderate - A Good Design, but Could Require Users to Pay Attention, While Using Stairway.
Excellent - An Excellent Design with Handrails or Walls Located with in Reach, While Walking up and down the Entire Stairway.

Elevation or Section - Side view of stairs
Floor Plan - Looking at the stairs from the top down.