Sloping Public Walkways

The building code requires sloping public walk ways that intersect with a stairway to have no more than a 1 inch per foot slope. This applies to the top and the bottom of the stairway.

The stair riser can't be higher than 7 inches or lower than 4 inches.

A good example is the picture above, even though I can't measure the bottom stairway riser, it looks like it's at least 4 inches, even though it could be more than 7 inches at the right side of the picture. The slope of the city sidewalk looks like it's close to 1 inch per foot.

What do you do if your public sidewalk exceeds the one in 12 slope? Contact your local building department to verify the problem and let them help you solve it. Keep in mind, that most public sidewalks aren't the responsibility of the Building and Safety Department. You might need to contact the Public Works the Department.

Painted Stairway Warning Stripe