What Are Building Codes?

Building codes were created to reduce or prevent accidents from happening in and around buildings. Buildings today are engineered and designed with many different solutions and have solved hundreds if not thousands of problems from our past.

Example Of Building Code: Stairways shall not be built less than 44 inches in width. Exception: Buildings with less than 49 occupants have a 36 inch minimum stairway width.

Engineers design structural elements of the building to withstand the elements like, wind, rain, snow, earthquakes and even certain soil conditions that could cause the building to move. If the building was to move enough, it could easily become damaged and damaged buildings could cost their owners, lots of money in home repairs.

Almost every city or county in the United States has a Building and Safety Department. I'm using the word almost, because you could be living in an area that's unincorporated and might not have one.

You can contact almost any city, county or state governments to find out if you have a Building and Safety Department that enforces building codes in your area. Here's a little tip, when it comes to dealing with the government. Don't accept anything as a fact, always double check your information.

Example: If you contact your local police department to find out if you have a Building Department in your area and one of their representatives said that you don't, it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact the mayor's office or the fire department, to verify this information.

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