Common Sense And Safety - Construction

By Greg Vanden Berge

There are thousands of electric power tools sold every year to people that don't take the time to read the directions or learn how to use them properly.
I know plenty of people who work in the construction industry on a daily basis who have never took any time to read any directions about anything.

You might think that it's a waste of time to read the directions for a new power tool that you have just purchased, but I'm here to tell you that you could benefit from spending a little bit of time, reading these directions. I myself have gathered valuable tips and uses for one particular tool.

At the same time, by applying a little common sense and reading these directions, I have learned things that I shouldn't do, while using that particular tool. A little bit of common sense, mixed with a little knowledge about a product, could save your life or even somebody else that you are working with.

This doesn't only apply to power tools, ladders, scaffolding, screwdrivers and other hand tools that can create safety problems if they aren't used properly. In other words, try not to use a flat head screwdriver as a chisel and don't use a chisel as a screwdriver.

Most of us are never going to get the opportunity to work in a hospital's emergency room, to see all of the stuff that happens when someone doesn't apply a little common sense to their individual safety. I have seen others and have suffered from a view of these problems myself and now, gather as much information as I can about tool safety.

If this article prevents at least one person from harming themselves, it will have served its purpose. Always think safety first in the construction industry.

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