Finding A Good Stair Building Contractor

By Greg Vanden Berge

I don't know how many times, I have been asked the same question, “How can I find a good stair building contractor.” These guys are few and far between in the construction business. There are a lot of framing contractors and construction home framers who are skilled at framing homes, but lacked the proper skills and experience to be someone, that I would consider to be a good stair builder.

I can say this, because I used to install between three and six sets of stairs, each day, while working on brand-new homes. I started at such an early age, and often looked a lot younger than I actually was, that I got the nickname from one of my close friends,” Stair Boy.”

If there's one thing I know about finding a good stair building contractor or even a good stair builder, is that I have worked around hundreds of framers and contractors and have only found a handful of people that I would consider to be masters of the art of stair building.

The best advice that I can get anyone, is to find some one with experience. Find someone who has been building stairs for quite some time and has the ability to actually perform the task that you are going to require of them.

One small mistake, or miss measurement, can create a difficult set of stairs to walk up and down. These mistakes usually occur at the top or the bottom of the stairway as the inexperienced stair building contractor, doesn't realize the mistake that he is making.

When I said that I have installed a lot of stairs, I haven't built or assembled very many finished wood stair hand rail systems. I am extremely good at framing or building a stairway that you walk up and down, but don't have very much experience in assembling the stair hand rail systems.

Make sure that you find someone who has experience and has built the type of stair system that you are planning to have built. I couldn't give you any better advice, when looking for a stair building contractor. Make sure that they have the necessary experience, and if you get along with him, and they give you a reasonable price, it's a win-win deal for you and the contractor.

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