Five Easy Tips For Hiring Excellent Contractors

By Greg Vanden Berge

One of the most difficult things that homeowners seem to have a problem with is hiring excellent contractors.
Where are they and how am I going to find one?
I'm here to help you out with five easy tips for hiring excellent contractors.

Best wishes and good luck.

1. Ask your friends and family if they know any excellent contractors and get their phone numbers. This is usually one of the best sources for finding excellent contractors, but I myself have had problems with some of the contractors that I found using referrals.

2. Ask your contractor for testimonials from people that they have worked for. This also could be a problem, your contractor usually isn't going to give you the phone numbers of clients that they have had problems with.

3. Does your contractor have enough experience? This is going to be one of the biggest problems, if you find out during the middle of the job that your contractor is having problems, because they lack the experience necessary to complete the job.

4. Is your contractor going to be working on the job? It seems like most contractors sell the job but don't do any of the work. If your contractor has enough experience, you need to make sure that his workers also can do the work and have enough experience.

5. I saved the best one for last. Do you get along and feel comfortable with your contractor? This is by far the most important tip I could give anyone who is looking for an excellent contractor. If you don't feel comfortable, they can't answer your questions, make up excuses or something just doesn't feel right, find another contractor.

These five easy tips for hiring an excellent contractor are exactly that, easy to understand and follow. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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