Five Things Every Homeowner Should Do Before Contacting A Contractor

By Greg Vanden Berge

Anyone in business understands time and time shouldn't be wasted by anyone, especially a contractor who is providing a free estimate for your construction project.

You wouldn't go to a business meeting unprepared, yet thousands of homeowners contact contractors to look at projects that turn out to be a waste of the contractor’s time.

Here are five things that every homeowner should do before contacting a contractor.

1. Get as much information about your project as possible. Whether you're removing a door or remodeling your kitchen, try to provide your contractor with door samples or kitchen design options.

2. Make sure that your finances are in order. You shouldn't ever build anything that you can't afford to build.

3. Check the contractor out before calling them. If your state has a Contractor's License Board, contact them to make sure that the contractor's license is up-to-date and that there aren't any other problems.

4. Create a list of questions to ask the contractor. Create a list and write down any questions that you are having problems with. These could be design issues, budgeting problems or problems that you had with past contractors.

5. Give the contractor your correct address, phone number and e-mail. This seems to be a growing problem between contractors in perspective clients.

Always be prepared before contacting any professional, this includes construction contractors and home improvement professionals.

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