Home Remodeling Using A Digital Camera

By Greg Vanden Berge

Now obviously you can't build a home with a digital camera, but you can save yourself a lot of frustration by taking pictures as the work progresses. One of the best tools that you can use today when working on any home remodeling project is a digital camera.

I see homeowners, construction superintendents and other professionals involved in the remodeling process, taking pictures but rarely taking pictures of everything.

If you're remodeling a bathroom, you probably wouldn't spend more than one hour during the project taking pictures with your digital camera.

You need to take pictures of everything. The more pictures you have the better and I'm talking from experience. I thought I took enough pictures of a house renovation project that I was working on to satisfy any building inspector, only to find out that I needed more pictures after the job was done, to locate a problem that we were having with the plumbing.

Here's where these pictures really become useful. If there is an electrical or plumbing problem and you have pictures of the work that has been done, you can usually locate specific problems examining the pictures, instead of removing large areas of drywall to find one particular problem.

I take pictures of everything and it has become part of the remodeling process for me. I can access these pictures, if a previous homeowner questions something that I did and can use these pictures to benefit myself and other people that have worked on the project who are now having problems with electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning and other sections that have been currently remodeled.

You have your hammer, saw and digital camera. Each one of these tools provides value to contractors and homeowners today.

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