The Purpose Of Stair Nosing

By Greg Vanden Berge

Now when I mention stair nosing, that has nothing to do with yours or other people's noses or staring at someone, in the process of being nosy, to gather some information about one of your neighbors. That's not it at all.

What is the purpose of stair nosing? Well for one, it makes the stairway look nice. I like the look of the carpeting as it rolls over the stair nosing and onto the riser as it continues it's way down the stairway.

The stair nosing it is to provide a little more comfort as we walk up and down the stairs. It provides a little more room for our feet to stand on.

One of the best ways to show you the importance of a stair nosing, would be to have you walk up a set of stairs without the stair nosing and one with a stair nosing.

In all fairness the set of stairs should be the same tread and riser sizes. Pay attention, the next time you walk up a set of stairs with a stair nosing and see how it feels.

Most stairs have a stair nosing, and it will be difficult to find one without this, either a stair nosing or a 1 inch cut back in the stair stringer. The 1 inch cut back provides the same effect as a 1 inch overhang or stair nosing.

Most stair nosing's have a 1 inch overhang and this seems to be a pretty good distance. I have built stairs with 1- 1/2 inch and 1- 1/4 inch stair nosing, thinking that it would be better. Isn't more always better than less. This wasn't the case and the stairs seemed to be a little uncomfortable walking up and down.

Always remember that a good distance for a stair nosing is going to be 1 inch. I can't really explain what the reasoning is behind this, but I can tell you, that I have walked up and down, so many different types of stairs that this one inch stair nosing can make the difference between a comfortable set of stairs and a miserable set of stairs.

Here's a little stair building Tip, for those of you that read my articles. Every once in a while I give someone a Golden Nugget of wisdom.

A good rule of thumb for building a set of stairs will be the 17 1/2 inch rule.

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