How To Make Your Stairs Get Stares

By Greg Vanden Berge

How many times have you seen a nice stairway while watching a movie, at a friends house or even a movie theater? There is a reason why some stairs get stares and others don't ever get a second glance.

It all has to do with the design of the staircase and the surrounding area. If I built a stairway and then covered it up the steps with any old carpeting and painted the handrailing, it might look okay, but it's rarely going to get a second glance.

However, what if I used a decorative carpeting and painted the balusters. Instead of painting the entire handrail, I would stain the balusters and paint the banisters. Instead of carpeting the entire stairway, I would only carpet the stair treads and use some type of decorative wood for the risers.

This would be one elegant looking stairway. Nice-looking stairways gets second glances and if you're looking for a few stares, plan on spending a few dollars, because it isn't going to be cheap.

If you've studied architecture, this won't be a big surprise to you. Most stairways are located in the center of a home or building. They're usually visible upon entering the home and a focal point.

Most of your building stairways are like elegant pieces of furniture, if designed correctly. In other words, it's a focal point and in some cases these stairways practically takes your breath away. Some of the most elegant designed stairways in the world can keep people staring at them for hours.

The reason why I wrote this article, was to provide you with the few tips about stair design. If you're designing a home or planning on having one built, make sure that your stairway is located in an easily accessible area and try to use it as a focal point.

There really is nothing better than walking into an elegant home and staring at a spectacular staircase. If you're looking for a stairway that will get a few stares, make sure that you or your architect design something truly remarkable.

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