Tool Purchasing Tips And Advice

By Greg Vanden Berge

I often see homeowners at my local home improvement centers and my local lumber yards, examining tools for future projects. I often find myself listening to them talking and asking questions, to the representatives of the stores and often get confused at some of the responses from the home improvement store representative and the person asking the questions about the tools, that they are thinking about purchasing.

Some of these people can be very informative, while others seem to suffer from egoitis. They often let their egos get in their way, and tell the prospective customer, things that aren't necessarily true about the tools that they are thinking about purchasing. It never has made much sense to me to sell someone a tool that they're going to have problems using.

Let me just share a quick story with you. An elderly man and his wife were asking one of these representatives, about a large power saw. The elderly man was concerned, with the horsepower and the size and even the weight, of this large saw, that he was going to need to hold up, in a vertical position, while doing some difficult home repairs.

The home-improvement representative, told him that the saw wasn't very heavy and he himself had used it often. I knew exactly what the saw was, that they were talking about and I myself had problems holding the same saw, while doing difficult home repair work, myself.

I stood around, until the home improvement store representative walked away and walked over to the elderly man and told him, what I knew about the heavy saw. I wasn't about to suggest a saw for the man to buy, even though he kept pestering me.

I simply told him the truth about the saw, that he was thinking about purchasing. I told him that I wasn't interested in selling him anything. I was only passing along my wisdom and he could do whatever he wanted with the information that I had just given him.

The moral to this story is, don't believe everything that you hear. I run into this more often than I should, but am often entertained, when someone with a big ego, needs to give their opinion, so desperately.

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