Use Your Contractor To Your Advantage

By Greg Vanden Berge

I don't mean to take advantage of your contractor, but homeowners need to have answers to serious questions and most reliable contractors can provide these answers. So ask your contractor questions and take advantage of his or her experience.

Being a contractor myself for many years, I have solved countless numbers of problems before the job even started and while the jobless in progress.

The home owners who had hired contractors before with less experience, were eternally grateful for every problem that I solved, because they had problems with contractors before that couldn't provide solutions to their problems.

If you're planning on remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and you have a nice well thought plan and what I would consider a dream design, ask your contractor for his opinion about the design and whether or not he first sees any problems with it while working on the project.

Your contractor and even his workers are going to be a valuable source of information for you while they are working on the job also. I'm not telling you to take every one's opinion to the bank, but it doesn't hurt to listen to every one who has an opinion about your project.

Most contractors are willing to help you solve your problems and sometimes by solving your problems, they will be solving their problems and this benefits both parties.

If your contractor isn't willing to help or can't answer your questions, it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact another contractor. Having a good relationship with your contractor is going to make the job runs smoothly. There's nothing worse than being afraid to ask questions to someone that's working for you.

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