Attic Stairs

Attic Stair Types

Attic stairs can be used to access the attic for storage. These stairs cannot be installed in some homes, if you have a house with 16 inch on center roof trusses you will not be able to install one in your home. You're not allowed to cut roof trusses but you would be allowed to install one of these stairs systems in a conventionally framed ceiling and roof system.

I have never ran across an attic ladder or attic stair system that was less than 22 inches wide. Attic Stairs (attic ladder or loft ladder) normally require at least 22 in width by 54 inches in length and can work in a ceiling height up to 10 feet.

These systems take up a lot of room in your ceiling and might require moving some electrical, plumbing or heating and you might not be able to be install one if structural framing components are in the way.

Make sure there are no structural framing supports in the way, because these will not be able to be removed or will require a structural engineer and building permit to move to another location.

Do not cut a structural supports like a beam or girder truss. Use common sense when installing one of these stair systems.

If you don't have an attic access hole and you want to install one, there's probably a reason why the builder was not required to have one originally. Give this some thought before you cut into your ceiling.

If there is less than 26 inches of attic space, normally it is not required for the builder to install an attic accessible opening.

Attic stairs can also be installed in garages for storage.

Most houses with truss roofs or engineered roofs are not designed to carry any additional weight, yet I see people storing items up there anyway. I think they see everyone else using their attics for storage and do the same. The attic access holes or attic stairways are supposed to be used for accessing this section of the home for repairs if necessary.

Most people assume that your attic is for storage and soon have their attics filled with items. Keep this in mind as a safety precaution, when using your attic for storage. Storing large items can create structural problems.

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