3 x 3 Handrail

Old Stairway With 3 X 3 Balusters

In a situation like this,(see picture above) where you're going to be using 4 x 12 stairs stringers, it wouldn't be a bad idea to install 3 x 3 balusters. If they are attached correctly, they could produce an incredibly strong hand rail system, for your stairway.

These balusters were bolted to the stair stringers with lag bolts and this type of construction, often creates a heavy duty guard rail
. However, you should always be careful, using lag bolts or any other bolts that are going to be protruding out from the stairway or the handrail system.

I've seen bolts, screws and nuts that weren't fastened securely or installed properly, to the stairway, create a wide variety of safety hazards. Purses, shoes, pants and other clothing can easily get snagged, often creating the stairway user, to come to a complete stop and lose their balance.

Extra Guard Railing That Isn't Needed

If the stairway would've been built closer to the building, there wouldn't have been a need to install the handrailing that is currently between the right staircase stringer and the building.

Sometimes stair builders and other construction workers will remove something and restore it to its original condition. If money isn't an object and you want to create a specific design, then feel free to, but in a situation like this, I would've removed the handrail and placed the stair stringer about 1 inch away from the building, eliminating the extra handrail.