8 Step Steel Stairs

In the picture above you have a steel stairway that's being used by people who park, in a multilevel parking structure. The entire stairway system is built out of steel, the stairs, handrailing and even the guard rails.

Multi-Level Parking Structures Fire Escapes

The main reason why these stairs are made out of metal is that they will last a long time, if maintained properly. They will also provide an excellent escape route, in case of an emergency.

If there is a fire anywhere in the structure, the stairs should hold up long enough to get everyone out of the structure safely. I'm not about to suggest that nothing will happen to this stairway, while there's a fire, but I would imagine that they would last a little longer than wood, but not as long as concrete.

Metal Stairway Maintenance Problems

The biggest problem with steel stairs that I could think of, would be the lack of maintenance. If you're not maintaining metal stairs, they will corrode and rust. If they do corrode and rust, you will need to replace them eventually.

This could lead to financial burdens that could have been eliminated with a little tender loving care.