Formed Steel Stairs

Whenever I run into something like this, it makes me wonder how simple my job actually is. A stairway built out of wood can be torn apart and rebuilt without a lot of effort, if someone ever built a formed steel staircase incorrectly, that wouldn't be the case.

A stairway made out of metal is usually prefabricated at the shop and then brought out to the job site, to be installed. If something is wrong with the stairway or the building, there could be a problem. I'm not just talking about a simple problem, there could be a problem that's going to cost someone a lot of money.

Verifying The Total Rise And Run

If you're planning on building a stairway out of steel or other types of metal, make sure that you verify your total rise and run, before starting on the project. If I was going to build a stairway out of metal, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have someone else measure the total run and total rise. If your measurements match, proceed, if they don't then you need to find out where the problem is.

I've actually seen people install steel stairs, even though they weren't made correctly. If you ever run across a stairway, where the stair steps aren't perfectly level, you've just seen one that was installed, even though it wasn't made correctly.