Spanish Style Stairs

The picture above provide you with an excellent example of a Spanish styled staircase. They usually have some type of brick or terra-cotta stair treads, but the risers can vary from a decorative tile, to even wood.

Spanish styled houses usually have a smooth plaster finish and these finishes can be applied to the stairway. It's not uncommon to find a guard rail constructed out of stucco and finished with a smooth white plaster.

Am I forgetting something, what Spanish building would be complete without some type of cast iron decoration or even a staircase handrail. Even if an architect was to design a Spanish style set of stairs, without any cast-iron, the least they could do is hang some type of cast-iron artwork on it.

I don't know what it is about these wonderful buildings, but they always seem to provide me with a warm feeling. Maybe its because I've visited so many Spanish missions, throughout my lifetime. My mother took us to almost every mission around Southern California, as a child.