Advanced Stair Stringer Layout Methods 

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If you're interested in advancing your skills as a stair builder or someone who desperately needs to understand the fundamentals of stair stringer layout, then the advanced methods inside this book, we'll take you to the next level. 


Master Stair Builder - Greg Vanden Berge will share some of the extraordinary fundamentals as well as advanced techniques, few carpenters in the world are familiar with. 


This is a one-of-a-kind book and was written in a simple and easy to understand format.  There are plenty of illustrations and even my wife, who is extremely skeptical about my other books said this was one of the best books I've written so far. 


This book was written for carpenters, contractors and even sophisticated do-it-yourselfers.  I don't recommend this book to anyone who doesn't understand the fundamentals of stair building.



This book won't provide you with step-by-step stair building instructions or how to figure out the rise and run. This book was written for construction workers, stair builders and everyone else interested in taking the next step to learn more about stair building and stair stringer layout.

If you need stair building instructions then click on the link below and get the book,” Simplified Stair Building.” 


Attention: This Is A Downloadable PDF Format E-book.





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