Brick And Stone Stairs

Brick Stairs

I wouldn't recommend using bricks on the inside of the house, even though you could, as long as the foundation could carry the additional weight. However, brick can be used to make incredible exterior stairways.

There are plenty of designs that can be used also. A long time ago, all we had were a few different types of bricks to choose from, but today we have a wide variety of different colors available to create even better stairway designs.

Stone Stairways

I've never been a big fan of stone stairways, unless the rocks were small and the stairs could be built with comfortable steps. Large round boulders rarely make flat stair steps and can easily become an obstacle course, if they are not flattened.

Here's something to consider, what about mixing both stone and brick to create an elaborate staircase design that everyone in your neighborhood will admire. It's time to get creative and design a stairway that no one has ever seen before.