How To Build A Straight Set Of Stairs

Learn From The Master Stair Builder

Simple and Easy What Else is There. Become a Master Stair Builder In A Few Hours. Contractors and Home Owners Will Benefit By Saving Lots of Money Doing The Job Yourself.

This instruction manual is the first comprehensive visual book on stair building with easy to use illustrations and hyperlinks for additional information.

  1. Learn how to measure the rise and run of the stairs.
  2. Learn how to layout and cut a stair stringer.
  3. Learn about practical tread and riser application.
  4. Lean how to figure the correct riser height.
  5. Find out what building materials work best.
  6. What tools do you need and what tools do the pros use.

Secrets Of The Master Stair Builders Revealed.

Why hire a contractor and pay them all the money when you can get the satisfaction on doing it yourself and telling all your friends.

Oh yeah and don't forget telling your in-laws.

The average labor cost to build a Straight set of stairs is around 1,500 dollars. Why pay that when you can get the years of an experienced master carpenter for less than 20 dollars.

Add this book to your home building library and save a tree.

With this experience I understand the frustration most people face with the simple thought of even thinking they can't build a simple dog house. How do you expect me to build a set of stairs?

You can and you will with my book.

These books are easy to follow with simple illustrations. These are step by step guide books and more are on the way. I broke the books down to there simplest form that a novice skill level construction worker or weekend homeowner can follow with little effort to get outstanding results.


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