Stairway Without Guard Railing

Here's a good example of a stair landing that doesn't require a guard rail
because theirs only one step and the platform is less than 30 inches from the lower level or ground.

I would like to point something out though, even though the stairs don't need a guard rail
, the stairs might require a gripable handrail.

concrete stairs without building code approved guardrailing

Here's a stairway that would require a guard rail
on each side. Currently it has three handrails or three individual gripable handrailings.

The distance from the ground or lower-level is more than 30 inches in vertical height and most building codes would require something that would provide stair users with a little more protection, especially young children. It isn't difficult to imagine a young child swinging from one of these railings or simply walking underneath one and falling to the ground.

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