How To Figure And Calculate Stair Rise or Overall Height

The total over all stair rise will be the vertical distance between floors. This will also be the distance that will be divided into the total amount of individual stair risers, to figure out the vertical distance between steps.

To find, figure and calculate the overall height, simply measure the distance from the top of the lower floor, to the top of the upper floor.

Professional stair builders will adjust and compensate for any building materials that will be added to the top of the stair treads, landings and both floors.

In order to calculate the correct stair rise, you will need to factor in all of the materials that will be used to build and finish the stairway.

For example, if you're going to install hardwood floors, carpeting or tile on the lower or upper floors or throughout the stairway in any spot or location, you will need to make the necessary adjustments, while laying out your stair stringers and building the stairs.

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