How To Figure And Calculate Stair Risers

The first thing you need to do when figuring out the length of your individual stair risers, will be to measure the overall vertical height of the stairway.

Simply measure the distance from the top of the lower floor, to the top of the upper floor. This distance is often referred to by carpenters and stair builders as the total stare rise.

In order to figure out the individual stairway risers, all you need to do is divide the total amount of individual risers into the overall vertical height or stair rise measurement.

For example, if the total stair rise is 35 inches and we have five individual risers, all you would need to do is divide five into 35, to find the overall individual riser height.

5 divided into 35 equals 7

Each individual riser for our example will be 7 inches and if you need to double check this measurement, simply multiply the over all individual riser height, by the total number of risers.

7 x 5 equals 35.

It's always good to double check every measurement you can, while building stairs.

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