Front Yard Stairs

Landscaping And Front Yard Stairs

I've seen plenty of landscaping problems and I usually have a pretty good idea what the cause of those problems actually are. Most of the problems with front yard stairs have something to do with inexperience and money.

I've seen hundreds of construction workers who work for someone, for a short period of time usually less than four years and they're instant professionals. After this period of time, they usually consider themselves to be experts and then go out and train others who do the same thing, even though their teacher wasn't even trained properly.

I've driven all over the place, taking pictures, giving estimates and trying to figure out why someone built something incorrectly. I still can't figure it out, and probably never will, but I still need to leave you with something, to think about.

If you're planning on building front yard stairs, make sure that you take your time and lay them out correctly. Each step and riser needs to be close, if you can't make them the same size.

I've seen landscaping steps that started out at 4 inches and within five steps, they've practically doubled. If you were building a stairway for Alice in Wonderland, this would probably work, but it doesn't seem to work well, on the exterior of most buildings.

Front yard stairs are hard to build without a transit or builders level. If you're planning on doing a lot of landscaping, it wouldn't be a bad idea to rent one from your local rental yard.