How to Figure Square Footage

As long as the rooms are square, it shouldn't be too complicated. A square room will have four a 90° angles, one at each corner. Let's use the picture above to figure out the square footage of this room.

Side B of the room is 15 feet and side C of the room is 15 feet. All we need to do is multiplied these two numbers together, to get the square footage of this room.

15 x 15 = 225 this room has 225 square feet.

Now, what if we throw some inches into these measurements.

Let's say that side B is 14 feet 7 inches and side C is 13 feet 2 inches.

14 feet 7 inches will now become 14.583
13 feet 2 inches will now become 13.166

Multiply these two numbers together and you will have the square footage of the room.

14.583 x 13.166 = 191.999 the square footage of this from is going to be 192 square feet.

If you do have a decimal at the end of your square footage measurement, simply rounded the number off. If you're decimal is above .5, get rid of the decimal and add another foot to your number. If the decimal is below .5, simply remove the decimal and you're done

Example: 191.477 would simply be 191 and 191.784 would simply be 192.