If you're planning on building a handrail, make sure that you understand your local building codes. Instead of me repeating that last sentence, just read it again, otherwise plan on suffering the consequences, if you're handrail isn't built correctly.

You can build a stair handrail out of wood or metal or a combination of both.


Hardwoods can be expensive and if you're planning on using them on the exterior of your home and they aren't treated properly, they might not look as attractive as the day you installed them, within a short period of time.

Most hardwoods look great on the inside, of the house, but when they're on the outside of the house, around moisture or extreme climate conditions, they could suffer and even change colors.

Do a little more research, before using certain hardwoods on the exterior and even interior of your home.


What can I say about metal, if it's installed and constructed properly, it could last for decades, but if it isn't, well, I don't need to tell you, but it isn't going to be pretty.

If you're planning on building your own stair handrail, make sure that you build it correctly and follow your local building codes. I shared this same information with a home builder who didn't listen to me and it ended up costing him about $5,000.

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