Line Up And Straighten Stringers

After you've made all the necessary adjustments, for the stair stringers, you can nail the side stair stringers into position. Then you will need to mark the center locations, of the other stringers or stringer that you will be using.

Stair stringers should be equally spaced and positioned. This spacing will depend upon your stair tread thickness and the width of the stairway. 16 inches on center, works for most stairways.

Stairways that are 36 inches wide, usually only require three stair stringers. One at each end (right and left of stairway) and one in the center.

After you have fastened the outside stair stringers correctly, you will need to install and adjust the center stair stringer or stringers. Simply position the stringer with one nail at the top of the stringer as shown, in the picture above.

Do not stand on stair stringers that haven't been properly nailed.

Now you can use a Straight edge (level) and line the stair stringer or stringers, up and if necessary, make any adjustments required. If the stringer isn't lining up correctly, you can always use wedges to move it away from the ledger or remove the stair stringer and cut, if necessary.

Make sure that the stair stringers are as Straight as possible. Stair stringer variations will affect the overall outcome of the stairway.

Stair Construction Questions And Answers

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