Small Brick Stairway

One of the problems with this type of stairs is the bricks will tend to chip over time. If you notice the top and middle stair treads have pretty good size chips in the front of the brick.

These chips could be caused from someone dropping a object on them or from people actually walking up and down over time. There are a number of reasons why that breaks can't chip creating a possible safety hazard.

Bricks look nice but can sometimes loosen up, crack or get large chips in them making them a poor choice for stairs. Keep in mind you can get bricks heated at different temperatures than regular breaks creating a harder for therefore more durable product to use when building stairs.

Another problem with this kind of stairway is that when you go to open up the screen door it opens out towards the stairs. So in order to open the screen door safely you practically have to be standing on the bottom stair tread or even on the walkway.

This is actually a building code violation and most cities or counties.