Can I Attach Stair Stringers To A Stucco Wall?

I don't recommend attaching a stair stringer to a wall that has already been stuccoed and finished, but you can attach it to a wall that hasn't been lathed yet or stuccoed.

In other words, feel free to attach stair stringers to a framed wall that hasn't been covered yet with stucco. However, leave at least a three-quarter inch space between the stucco and stair stringers, if you're working with a wall that has already been finished.

The picture above provides us with an excellent example of a stair stringer that was attached to the wood framing before the wall was stuccoed. However, I'm not a big fan of this particular exterior wall to stringer water proofing method.

It usually isn't difficult for water to roll down the wall and onto the top of the stair stringer and eventually run into the gap between the stucco and the stringer. This could create a variety of different moisture related problems for the building.

Stair Stringer Replacement

If this particular stairway ever needed to be replaced, the stair stringer would need to go back in the exact spot as the one previously. This makes it extremely difficult to lay out a new stair stringer, if the old one wasn't laid out correctly.

This wouldn't be a problem if the stair stringer wasn't attached to the stuccoed wall.

Now for my personal opinion, would I attach the stair stringer to a wall that was going to be stuccoed or leave a 1 inch gap, between the stucco and the stringer?

It all depends upon the type of stairway and building construction, waterproofing and types of stair stringers that were going to be used. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks.

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