Are There Any Good Stair Building Kits Available?

Maybe, but if you're trying to associate the word good with easy or trying to get some type of validation, whether or not anyone could assemble one of the stair building kits, then we might have a communication problem.

If there's one thing I know for sure about construction products that are simple and easy to put together is that it usually isn't going to last very long.

Now for the bad news, I've never personally installed or used any type of stair building kits, but gladly would if I was going to install a spiral staircase.

Call me old-fashioned, but I am going to stick to the old tried-and-true conventional stairway construction methods, simply because they've been thoroughly tested over time and seem to last.

If you're planning on building a regular ordinary stairway for the interior or exterior of your home and it can be built using conventional framing practices, then you will probably be better off in the long run, if you stay away from easy to assemble stair building kits.

Again, this is just my personal opinion. Don't forget, we've put together a few fantastic books to simplify the stair building process on our stair building books page.

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