Is There Anything Available That Will Melt Ice Off of My Exterior Stair Steps?

Yes, however I have never personally tested them and do not know whether or not they're worth the money spent or how many years you will be able to use this product, before it no longer works.

There are electric heating mats that you place on top of your exterior stair treads or steps, to melt away any ice or snow on your stairway. However, keep in mind that the ice might melt off of the stairway steps, but where is it going to end up.

It doesn't make much sense to melt all of the ice off of your stairway, only to have it drain down to a walk way that's going to create excessive ice builds up.

Put a little thought into how these heated stair tread mats are going to safely drain away the water they melt, before purchasing them.

The good news is that they look relatively easy to install and this is always a bonus.

It would make logical rational sense to use these while temperatures were below freezing, but they would probably and I stress the word probably last longer if they were removed once temperatures rose above freezing.

Then it wouldn't be a bad idea and I know this is going to shock some of you, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to read the instructions, especially how to store these electric heating mats properly.

You would be surprised at how many people purchase an item like this and then store it in the direct sunlight or somewhere else that wouldn't add to the years or longevity of this product.

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