Is There Anything I Can Do To Make A Weak, Wiggly Stairway A Little Stronger?

Most of the time you can, but there will be times when the stairway has served its purpose and will need to be replaced.

The first thing you can do, will be to add more screws or nails to any part of the stairway that seems weak or wiggly. For example, if you have a few treads and risers that are loose, your problem could be solved, simply by reattaching them to their original parts.

The most effective way to make a set of stairs stronger will be to add a wall underneath the stringers. This can be done by simply placing a wall directly under the mid section of the staircase, directly under the stringers.

If the stairway is longer than 16 feet, it could take two walls, located about a third of the way from the bottom and the top, equally spaced.

Your stairway could be flimsy, because it isn't braced properly or attached to a structural member. If you have a stairway located in the center of a room, without any walls on either side and your stairway moves from left to right while walking up or down, then it might need to be securely fastened to something structurally sound.

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