What Type of Nail or Screws Should I Use To Assemble A Staircase?

The most common nail used for assembling stairs, believe it or not won't be a common nail.

Interior stairs are usually assembled with 16d green vinyl sinkers, ring shanks, drive screws and in some cases common nails.

Common nails are a little larger and tend to crack and damage stair stringers and other parts of the stairway. The only time I have ever used common nails were when they were required by the structural engineer.

Exterior stairs are usually assembled with zinc coated, galvanized or stainless steel nails. My preference is a galvanized nail, because zinc coated nails tend to corrode or rust a little faster and stainless steel nails are expensive.

Try to avoid using interior nails on the exterior, because they will corrode, stain and eventually deteriorate, even though you can use exterior nails, for interior stairways.

You can use practically any type of screw imaginable to assemble an interior stairway, but for the exterior, I suggest using the same materials I already mentioned for exterior nailing.

A - 8d Galvanized Nail

B - 16d Green Vinyl Sinker Framing Nail

C - 16d Galvanized Nail

D - 8d Green Vinyl Sinker Framing Nail

E - Black Metal Screws ( Often used for installing drywall)

F - 16d Galvanized Pneumatic Gun Nails

G - 7d Galvanized Nail

H - Zinc Coated Screw

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