Stair Balusters

The stair balusters are the part of the stair handrail's that actually keep you from falling through them, while holding up the gripable handrail. These are the parts that run vertically or up and down connecting the stair handrail top railing that you would grip on to with your hand to the stair treads below.

Stair balusters come in all shapes and sizes, anywhere from skinny to massive in size. The most common balusters are usually made from 2 x 2 pieces of wood and turned on a lathe to create its decorative shape.

Stair balusters are normally made from a hardwood such as oak, poplar, Douglas fir and maple. Exterior balusters could be made from redwood or cedar as these would hold up to the weather.

Some of your fancier staircases will have larger balusters which of course add to the strength of the railing system while providing a massive look of elegance.

Stair balusters can create an elegant look to your stairway and is usually considered a focal point of the house. Most stairways are going to be visible from the front door for a couple of reasons. Easy access to the upstairs and the other of course is that most stairways or aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Architecturally these hand rail systems if designed properly can become like a nice piece of furniture, providing the home with a sense of wealth and prestige.