Bad And Poorly Designed Wood Handrail

Obviously this isn't the first and won't be the last bad and poorly designed wood handrail system I came across, but it is one of them and another perfect example of something you shouldn't do.

The bottom stair stringer creates a trip hazard and should be cut off a little closer to the front of the lower stair tread. For the most part, the face of the lower stair stringer shouldn't stick past the last tread by more than 1 inch, unless the hand railing system is going to extend beyond the bottom of the stair stringer.

Another problem I noticed is the sharp or pointed section of the lower guard rail system that could easily catch someone's clothing or purse handle. I guess realistically so could the 1 x 6's that have been nailed on to the stairway guard rail system at the bottom.

Any sharp pointed corners that have the possibility of catching someone's clothing or an object they're carrying, should be removed, to prevent someone from getting caught, losing their balance and falling.