Handrail Painting Problems

Here's a stairway maintenance problem that could have easily been avoided by doing one of two things.

You could have thrown a painter's tarp or plastic sheathing over the stuccoed handrail, to protect it from any overspray, while using spray paint or you could have used a paint brush.

It's hard to tell whether this area of the stuccoed guard rail has been painted and if it was, then this problem might not be difficult to fix. It could simply be repaired by painting the exterior guard rail wall with the same paint.

However, if the stucco had not been painted, then the overspray would need to be removed with some type of chemical or by removing the top layer of stucco finish and refinishing the area, hoping it would match.

It isn't hard to see how something as simple as painting a handrail could turn out to be a building owners worst nightmare. I guess the property owner can consider themselves lucky that the individual didn't continue painting and adding to the problem.

It will always be in your best interest to take a little time and properly create a plan of attack, for any home repair or painting project.

I'm just trying to figure out why they used green paint, when the hand railing is brown.