Metal Handrailing Safety Hazard

concrete stairway with metal handrail safety problems

Here's a perfect example of a metal stairway handrail that will grab a purse handle or piece of clothing in a matter of seconds and throw you off balance. I know it doesn't seem like much, but small problems like these cause accidents and accidents usually cost someone lots of money.

If you're looking for a simple solution to solve this problem, I think you could simply cut and remove the sections at the top and bottom that are sticking past the last baluster.

side view illustration of stair handrailing with safety problems

Here's a side view illustration of what the handrail currently looks like with the banister extending past the lower baluster, before safety problem is repaired.

safety problem removed on stair handrail banister

Here's a side view illustration of what the handrailing would look like after the banister extension is removed. On a metal handrail, any sections that have been removed, will need to be filled with metal or some type of approved metal filler and painted to prevent corrosion.

Remember, these are just suggestions to prevent accidents in some cases, however, this might not meet local building codes in your area. Even though I provided you with an easy way to fix one problem, it could create another one with your local building inspector.

The illustration below provides you with a better idea of what the building department will be looking for and it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out the building code section of our website for lower and upper handrailing safety advice.

illustration of handrail banister that would meet most building codes for safety