Unsafe Stairs

I really don't even know what to say about this particular unsafe stairway, but I can tell you that I was standing there with my wife in total amazement as she said rather reluctantly," Don't even think about climbing that whatever it is."

Actually I listened to her and she had a good point and I'm going to share that point with you, even though I'm pretty sure you're probably on the same page already. If a stairway looks unsafe, don't even think about using it.

Stairways aren't difficult to build correctly and there's plenty of information on this website to help you with the process. Check out our "How to Build Stairs" pages and some of our books for more information.

unsafe green old wood stairway

It's hard to imagine people using this wood stairway or why the property owner hasn't removed it and replaced it already. I guess when it comes down to how much money someone is planning on paying another person, it would be more important to pay out for an unnecessary lawsuit, than make the necessary repairs to stairways that are about to fall apart.