Building Stair Treads

If you're interested in saving a few dollars and you have your own tools or your planning on purchasing a few of them in the future, you can build your own stair treads. They're a lot easier to build than most people think, but there are some things that you should know, before you get started.

Building Stair Tread Tips

1. The biggest problem I think that a do-it-yourselfer might have, would be selecting the right building materials. Most of the stair treads you will order over the Internet or from a stair parts supplier, won't have any defects, but yours might. Especially if you ordered the wrong lumber.

Make sure that you purchase premium building materials, otherwise it could actually be cheaper to order them, from a stair parts supplier. For example, if it's going to cost you $25 and two hours of labor, to build one stair tread, but you can purchase something similar for $30, then you probably should.

2. Make sure that you use carbide tipped router bits. Don't even think about purchasing a steel router bit that's going to gouge and burn into your finished product. It's going to cost you a few more dollars to buy a nice router bit, but it will pay for itself, in the long run.

3. Here's a few tools that you will need to build your own stair treads. Circular saw, sander and router, depending upon whether you will or will not put a curved edge, on the front of the stair tread.

Depending upon the types of stair treads you're going to build, you might need a planer, drum sander, biscuit joiner and glue.

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