Buy Stair Treads

If you're planning on buying any stair treads, make sure that you understand what you're ordering. Just because something looks great in a picture, doesn't mean that it's going to be the same part that you purchased. This is a bigger problem in wood than it is with any other building materials.

How To Buy Stair Treads

1. Make sure that you understand what you're getting, otherwise don't bother ordering it. If you can actually go down to a stair parts supply store and look at the products you're planning on purchasing, do it.

Okay, the nearest stair supply warehouse is 200 miles away and your only option is to order it, over the Internet. If this is the case, make sure that you understand their return policy. You could be responsible for returning any items, at your cost.

2. Purchase one of the stair treads, have it delivered and if you like the stair tread, order the rest. This might cost you a few dollars and waste a little time, but it could save you some money and frustration, in the long run.

3. Double check all of your measurements, before purchasing anything. If you have a 37 inch wide stairway and 11 inch wide stair treads and all you can get are 36" x 11" treads, you could have a problem.

I've been in the stair building business long enough to realize that you're probably going to get what you ordered. One time I worked with a guy who ordered smaller stair treads, thinking that he was going to get longer ones.

This isn't the only problem I ran into, when ordering stair treads or working for people who have already ordered all of the parts, before checking with me or another contractor.

If you order 36 inch wide stair treads, plan on getting 36 inch wide stair treads. If you were to receive longer stair treads, and that would be a bonus.

If you have any questions about buying stair treads, contact the manufacturer or sales representatives for more information.

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