Carpet Stair Treads

There are a few different ways that you can install carpet over your stair treads. You can run a row of carpeting down the center of the stairway, cover the stairway entirely or use individual carpet pads. The designs are unlimited and before you leave this page, you're going to know why.

Stairway Carpeting Colors

1. One of the biggest problems people have with carpeting in general is selecting the right color or colors. Try to pick a neutral color (light colors, like white, light brown, light blue, etc.), unless you're planning on purchasing individual stair tread mats that can be removed, if necessary.

2. What's a neutral color? A neutral color would be any color that would go with a wide variety of other colors. For example, white usually goes with everything, but blue, red, green and black might not.

3. Blue carpeting and black walls could work, but blue and brown might not. If you have blue carpeting and decide to change your wall coloring or black walls and decide to change your carpeting to brown, you could have some interior design issues.

4. Here's the most important tip I could give anyone about selecting carpeting for your stairway and the rest of your house. Just because carpeting looks good in someone else's home, doesn't mean that it will look great in yours.

5. Expensive carpeting doesn't mean that you're always going to get the best carpeting, it usually just means that it's expensive.

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